Sarah JSun is a Romanian artist / singer/ top liner. She discovered her passion for music at the age of 7 when she started to participate at music and dance contests, winning several competitions.

At 17 years old, she was a TV Host on a national television Senso TV but she continued to study music techniques and trying to become better in music, this being her biggest dream and passion.

In 2010 she started her own music project with the composer Jai Alexander, after he discovered her in a big radio contest where Sarah won the 3rd place.

Their project “ Jai Alexander & Sarah” was appreciated by the music industry, the first single “ Ibiza Party” rocked the clubs across Europe. Keeping diversity in their music production, they landed in the spotlight of several international record companies such as Spinnin Records, LFS Russia, + Mas Mexic and big national record label Cat Music Romania.

In 2014, Sarah took the stage on her own – releasing her first solo song “ My Place”, a feat. with the DJ and producer Alexander Shiva.

She came with an entire concept of show and visual art, bringing dancers with animal heads to reveal the story behind the song “ My Place”.

The song was a success in Lebanon, where the biggest radio – NRJ included Sarah JSun on their Festival – NRJ Music Tour – along with international artists like Indila, Conor Maynard, Graham Candy and Oceana.

In Turkey got nr #4 in TOP Shazam, being one of the most loved songs in Turkey. Soon enough all radios across the country included the song “ My place” in their playlist.

Now , Sarah has released her new single – Your Love, full of colour and positive energy!

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