What happens when you bring the typical flamboyant Latin grooves into the Scandinavian landscapes? A fire burning desire to love, bringing warmth to the coldest dance floors. Ynga’s Esmeralda is a dreamy pop treat where the accordion takes the leading role to revealing our romantic alter egos.

YNGA is the reinvented brainchild of Norwegian singer and songwriter Siv Marit Egseth who’s name we’ve seen before on Norwegian reality show «The Hit» and behind artist alias «Inga». After being radio listed on one of Norways biggest radio channels, NRKP3 with the debut single «Galaxy», having released an official remix for CLMDs «Slow Me Down» with close to 1 million streams and several critically acclaimed releases, accompanied by even more radio listings, she is now heading in new and different directions.

Newly signed to the popular Romanian label Thrace Music, she kicked off her a chapter with «Papi Papi»; a feature with the European starlet Brianna, who conquered the European audience with songs like «The Violin Song» and «Lost in Istanbul». Now she is ready to showcase her talent even further with a more melodic, dreamy, latin inspired danceable treat – «Esmeralda».

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