“Stanciu Asher” , known by his stage name “Asher”, is a Romanian DJ and a record producer based in Dublin/Ireland. Starting from the early age of 7, he studied piano at the School of Music in Brasov/Romania , where he noted the pleasure to get out of the musical scores, with his own compositions.

Over the years, he remained close to the music and he coproduced tracks and produced shows for many world known artists, but in recently he decided to make another step in his own direction getting known for his remixes and for his original tracks, with a strong online comunity support.

He likes to incorporate old songs or new vocals with his deep house, tropical house and melodical production style and is quickly gaining recognition for producing a new and intuitive style of quality music. He continues to make remixes and getting more original tracks ready for release, the main goal being to touch more hearts with his music and to move more feet to the beat.

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