Billboard Charting and Platinum Selling Producer also part of the internationally successful group – The Bilz&Kashif, Master-D is ready to take flight in the Bangla Urban Music scene. With over 16M views worldwide.

Subir Dev professionally known as Master-D is a Canadian international producer, percussionist and artist known for creating masterpiece hits for The Bilz&Kashif. Originally from Bangladesh, Master-D grew up with the musical influence of his mother’s Hindustani semi-classical background in North America for over 20 years.

Growing up in such an entourage, he developed the ability to fuse the two cultures – the western with eastern music, seamlessly. His massive success started after joining and revolutionizing the Urban Desi scene worldwide with The Bilz&Kashif composing massive hits like 2Step Bhangra, TeraNasha and On the Dancefloor. Their hits turned them into a household name.

Through those years, his skill excelled in composing and producing music of all genres that earned him spots on Billboard Charts, 24 million views, reaching Gold status for record sales, 3 international awards for radio success and even film scores.

After such tremendous triumph, Master-D is now ready to embark on a solo career by taking on a new challenge to transform the Bangla music scene. He has a current goal to bring Bangla music to worldwide audiences by lending his innovative sound and signature feel that has always turned into major success. His recent single “Aye Raat” which sets the tone for his highly anticipated Bangla Urban album slated for release this year, has already gained international traction with over 1000 downloads in 24hrs, and is currently on rotation on major radio stations in Canada, USA, Bangladesh and recently in the UK on BBC Asian Network. In addition, his solo releases continue to gain momentum as
his Bollywood inspired video “Baarish” was picked up by MTV India, MTV Iggy, VEVO and recently featured at an international film festival – FILMI in Toronto.

This is only the beginning of Master-D’s solo career as his journey to represent Bangla music worldwide. Having earned
tremendous success with The Bilz&Kashif with years of experience under his belt and recently performing alongside
Bangla superstar, Runa Laila, it is only a matter of time that fans around the world will understand his Bangla Urban movement and eventually take the world by storm.

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