What happens when you bring the typical flamboyant Latin grooves into the Scandinavian landscapes? A fire burning desire to love, bringing warmth to the coldest dance floors. Ynga’s Esmeralda is a dreamy pop treat [...]

Starla Edney

Travelling at the speed of sound is somenthing Thrace Music is really good at. This and the passion for discovering cultural connections between countries separated by long distances have built upon the Romanian record label [...]

Sarah J Sun

Sarah JSun is a Romanian artist / singer/ top liner. She discovered her passion for music at the age of 7 when she started to participate at music and dance contests, winning several competitions. At [...]

Sandra N

Sandra started her career at the age of 4, when she competed in a children's music show. He continued his career in music by studying at a local Music School. He has represented the country [...]


Cristian Nicolae Tarcea, better known as Monoir is a young songwriter-singer and producer from Romania. At the age of 5 he started studying music. Ten years later he not only wrote his own songs [...]


Nothing is permanent. Emotions come and go. Sadness transforms into happiness, happiness transforms into lifelong memories. After the unforgettable breakthrough with Count On You, Iarina returns this year with Free, a gentle pop dance ballad [...]

Edward Maya

Edward Maya is a Romanian film composer, director & DJ producer. He garnered international attention with his song STEREO LOVE, which has been played about 700 million times on YouTube. Edward Maya is the [...]

Miki Love

Prepare to be enchanted by the irresistible allure and captivating talent of DJ Miki Love. With over 16 years of unmatched experience, she has rocked stages at over 500 clubs worldwide, leaving audiences in [...]

Dharia Comanescu

Daria Comanescu known as “Dharia” is a Romanian singer and songwriter who has started her musical journey at the age of 13. She became the part of several worldwide hit song such as Brianna’s [...]

Deepside Deejays

The Deepside Deejays are a Romanian band formed in 2008 by vocalist Victor de la Pena, DJ Nick Kamarera, MC Vibearena and keyboardist Dave Pryce. The current lineup consists of Victor de la Pena and [...]

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