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March 2022


What happens when you bring the typical flamboyant Latin grooves into the Scandinavian landscapes? A fire burning desire to love, bringing warmth to the coldest dance floors. Ynga’s Esmeralda is a dreamy pop treat where the accordion takes the leading role to revealing our romantic alter egos.

YNGA is the reinvented brainchild of Norwegian singer and songwriter Siv Marit Egseth who’s name we’ve seen before on Norwegian reality show «The Hit» and behind artist alias «Inga». […]

Starla Edney

Travelling at the speed of sound is somenthing Thrace Music is really good at. This and the passion for discovering cultural connections between countries separated by long distances have built upon the Romanian record label for quite a few years now. And its latest release comes to strengthten this feeling.
Starla Edney took her native island vibe to a wider audience with a handful of songs. Yet the collaboration started with Monoir, translated into Devil Eye, […]

Sarah J Sun

Sarah JSun is a Romanian artist / singer/ top liner. She discovered her passion for music at the age of 7 when she started to participate at music and dance contests, winning several competitions.

At 17 years old, she was a TV Host on a national television Senso TV but she continued to study music techniques and trying to become better in music, this being her biggest dream and passion.

In 2010 she started her own music […]

Sandra N

Sandra started her career at the age of 4, when she competed in a children’s music show. He continued his career in music by studying at a local Music School. He has represented the country at several music festivals in Europe. (Turkey and Italy). He plays guitar and piano and composes melodic lines and lyrics from the age of 14. In 2006 she recorded her first pop music album, which included 10 songs that she […]

Omar Borkan Al Gala

He was known worldwide through social networks in 2013 for allegedly being one of the three men expelled from Saudi Arabia for being too “Handsome” for women present at a festival.

After the turmoil of becoming one of the most viralized stories on the internet with the dissemination of his photographs, he was invited to give interviews on various television programs and appeared on various magazine covers, being presented by the international press as “the Arab […]


Cristian Nicolae Tarcea, better known as Monoir is a young songwriter-singer and producer from Romania.

At the age of 5 he started studying music. Ten years later he not only wrote his own songs but also produced them. In 2012 Cristian found his record label “Thrace Music”.

During the years he studied piano, drums and music in general. Cristian is also graduated in music. A lot of artists collaborated with him through the years such as: Alexandra […]

Bangla Urban Pop sensation MASTER D

Billboard Charting and Platinum Selling Producer also part of the internationally successful group – The Bilz&Kashif, Master-D is ready to take flight in the Bangla Urban Music scene. With over 16M views worldwide.

Subir Dev professionally known as Master-D is a Canadian international producer, percussionist and artist known for creating masterpiece hits for The Bilz&Kashif. Originally from Bangladesh, Master-D grew up with the musical influence of his mother’s Hindustani semi-classical background in North America for over […]


Nothing is permanent. Emotions come and go. Sadness transforms into happiness, happiness transforms into lifelong memories.

After the unforgettable breakthrough with Count On You, Iarina returns this year with Free, a gentle pop dance ballad that breathes Thrace Music’s signature sound. With the same soothing voice riding the beautiful lyrics, the Romanian songwriter proves that this is just the beginning of a huge musical career.
She’s also the author of the poetry lyrics, custom tailored for super […]


Imagine a lazy afternoon on the French Riviera, with nothing but a soft Spanish guitar rhythm and a summer love affair to melt your heart forever! Riding this year’s hot Latin musical wave, Oulala is a pop-dance romantic getaway with a touch of French sexiness. Looks like a perfect match between 3rin and EHNA and it sure sounds like a summer anthem.

Erin Danet, a young songwriter known as 3rin, lives close to the heart of […]

Edward Maya

Edward Maya is a Romanian film composer, director & DJ producer. He garnered international attention with his song STEREO LOVE, which has been played about 700 million times on YouTube.
Edward Maya is the first Romanian featured in the US Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 as the single “Stereo Love” reaching the number one Dance Airplay single of 2010 in Billboard’s Year End issue and the longest charting in the history of the European Top Hot […]

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